Saturday, 1 December 2012

Highlands & Skye

I had quite a hectic 4 day trip to Skye, of course the time it takes to drive up there (about 10 hrs) means it was only actually 2 full days. The drive up was an hour longer than usual due to the A66 being shut, not sure if it was with an accident or flooding but the detour added at least an hour.

By the time we got to Glencoe there was still a bit of daylight and quite a bit of snow on top of the mountains.

As the light faded it was getting chilly, the clouds were low and it was pretty bleak!

Destination on Skye was the cheap and cheerful Dunollie hotel in Broadford. This is the view from the room window across Broadford Bay, excellent sky colours over the 3 nights stay.

As some of my friends will know, Skye is a place that I've visited a lot over the last 15 years and it's one of those places that feels more like home than here ever has and in that respect I think of it as my spiritual home. 
There have been numerous trips to look at houses and this trip was another trip to look for new opportunities with the plan of changing lifestyle and relocating up there at some point. Well I'm hoping as 2013 is a lucky number year for me that it could be the year of change so fingers crossed.

Of course no trip to Skye would be complete without buying some lovely things so my next post will reveal a few.

It's December so I'm thinking about my festive blog giveaway.


Crafty in the Med said...

Hello Patty

Impressive photos indeed.
Mixed feelings when you mention relocating to Skye....on one Hand I can imagine it will be away from the hustle and bustle of city/town life. A slower pace and healthier living I imagine. However aren't winters rather harsh in that part of Scotland??? I imagine the summers are shorter too. Correct me if I'm wrong please I can't say I'm terribly knowledgeable about Skye however I am curious to know why Skye. I wonder if its that type of place one just connects with and feels just plain right ????

keep well

Amanda :-)

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos Sally, so atmospheric!
The last time I was at Glencoe it was mid summer, it's a beautiful place I imagine at any time of year.
Hope 2013 is your year. :)
V xxx

patty said...

Hi Amanda, you'll have to trust me I just connected with the place about 15 years ago. Since then the dream has always been to end up there.
Desperately seeking a new, quieter life of semi- self sufficiency if that doesn't sound too The Good Life.
I also have never really enjoyed living where I am through incidents of nasty neighbours to name but one thing. I try to keep sane whilst I'm still here with arts & crafts but I seek inspiration and drama from a more rugged landscaped than these flat lands of E. Yorkshire I live in. I want to appreciate that wild weather, I hate being cold here but I rent a horrid old cold house, I want a new warm eco house to appreciate whatever weather is thrown at me.
Hopefully if all goes to plan I can document a move on the blog.