Sunday, 23 December 2012

Have a Great Christmas Everyone!

Christmas seems to come around faster each year which I'm sure is something to do with getting older!

I haven't made half the festive gifts & decorations I wanted to make this year which has been frustrating through lack of time and so ideas of that nature will have to bubble away until next year.

My thoughts are now turning to festive food and drink. I think I've done quite well this year in terms of not needing to go to a supermarket when it's been busy, the last shop I stepped foot in was last Wednesday. I only have a small fridge and small freezer so they are stuffed to the rafters and other fresh veg is living in the lounge as it's so cold in there it hardly gets above 12 degrees C so it will be fine.

I'm deciding whether Christmas lunch will be a veggie haggis & traditional trimmings, an asparagus & pea pithivier, a chestnut, mushroom, sweet potato & thyme pot pie, Thai spring rolls with a spicy coconut dip or anything else which springs to mind between now and then.
I'm sticking with a small Waitrose Christmas pudding for dessert.

I have some drinks which my sister has brought me over from Belgium, I like the fruit beers.

And this, chocolate lovers red wine which I am interested to try.

This afternoon I made some cupcakes in these cute tea cup cases I found, raspberry, cranberry and white chocolate. I have adorned them with some wonderful little Nutcracker decorations a dear friend bought me last Christmas.

I rooted through draws and pulled out a few more of my favourite festive decorations today. I have copied off Green Rabbit and done a display of some of my most treasured decorations. I love looking at other peoples decorations and here are some of mine, nothing vintage here but equally as lovely.

I think I may go to Scarborough for a stroll tomorrow if it isn't raining to blow away the cobwebs before the festive feasting begins.

On that note and with the smell of further baking wafting up from the kitchen I will sign off for a few days and wish you all a really lovely, happy & peaceful Christmas with your loved ones. x


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Those cupcakes look amazing Sally, great little cases and I do like the sound of chocolate lovers red wine!!! :)
Lovely too to see some of your Christmas decorations.
Have a really wonderful Christmas and I look forward to finding out what you did actually eat.
Happy Christmas,
V xxx

Louise said...

It's all sounding very festive hope you have a lovely Christmas.

Anne said...

Have a very happy and peaceful Christmas Sally and whatever you decide to eat or do, enjoy!!

Shaheen said...

Thank you so much Sally for your warm comment. I am enjoying the break from work, due back next Wed. I thank you so much for the warm wishes for 2013, I also hope its a good year for us, since 2010 to the present things have not been too happy for us, we are due a change of fortune. Happy New Year to you too and hope your crafting skills and creations are discovered by many more. x