Monday, 3 December 2012

Lovely things from Skye & Highlands

I like to support local producers wherever possible and on my brief trip north this is what I managed to bag in 3 days.

This hand woven scarf from Skye Weavers is created on a loom powered by a bicycle pedal, how groovy is that! Not for me this one but a pressie.

A scarf for me this time, not made on Skye but somewhere in the Highlands from Jacob Sheep wool, I liked it because it is sort of a patchwork of different patterns.

Both the above scarves & this lovely wool were purchased in the super SkyeWorks Gallery

In the same building as Skyeworks is the Skye Baking Co and they had these lovely treats will which find their way into the festive hampers I do for relatives.

Handmade on Skye, these lovely soaps, scrummy!

Next, my favourite shop, which has a few of my designs in, Skye Batiks. I picked up these festive, batik shopper bags.

Moving away from Skye our next shopping destination is Inverness and that important subject, chocolate!
A Belgian chocolatier named Fabienne used to have a little shop & cafe in Strathpfeffer called MAYA, but in the last couple of years she has moved to bigger premises in Inverness. 
Here you can see the most delicious chocolates being made and have a sample or two whilst you choose from the fresh counter. They no longer have a cafe but they do sell their legendary hot chocolate drink in little bottles which you can take home to heat.

I was in chocolate heaven, their produce is fabulous. I do get to sample quite a bit of Belgian choc as my sister lives near Brussels so she treats me occasionally but the Maya chocolate is equal to any I've had in Belgium.

The little bottle has now been drunk.

 I have 4 of these left. The pretty green flowery ones are jasmine, not tried those yet. I wish I could share them with you! You'll have to believe me they are delish!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh you did have fun shopping on your trip, didn't you Sally. I love the scarves both are beautiful, actually everything is beautiful. How cute are those little floral chocs!! :)
V xxx