Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Bob has a new friend, wooo hooo!

The arrival of a new bunny friend for Bob has caused much excitement this week for both of us.

Let me introduce you to....., Miss Ferne Bunny.

"Helloooooo Ferne!" says Bob, isn't she lovely. Take a good look at this beautifully crafted bunny.

Ferne has been made for us by Vivienne over at Green Rabbit Designs. Her stay will be brief as she will be making an onward journey in the next fortnight for a Christmas pressie for my mum. 
Bob will take good care of her during this time!

Thanks to Vivienne this has eased some of the Christmas shopping chores.
The bunnies are beautifully crocheted and the outfits are incredibly cute, she even had a little birth certificate so how cool is that.

I don't think Vivienne has any spare bunnies listed as I write this, they've been literally whizzing out of the hutch as she makes them but there are some other beautiful brooches in her Etsy shop if you fancy a look.


Anonymous said...

You've made me smile this morning Sally, that photo of Bob and Ferne is just so very cute. :)
I'm so glad Bob has welcomed her with open arms!!
Thanks ever so much for the lovely mention, I'm so happy you love her. :)
V xxx

patty said...

Just for you V, I thought you would like to see them both together, they both went on Twitter this morning also!
Happy bunnies all round. x