Saturday, 15 December 2012

Giveaway result & Festival of Angels

Today I made it into York and called into a couple of favourite coffee shops before braving the crowds of Christmas shoppers.

It is the Festival of Angels this weekend.

You can wander around the streets in The Quarter area and see some beautiful ice carvings and there's even some snow machines pumping out of upstairs shop windows to add to that festive feel.

Here are some sculptures, not easy to get pictures as everyone is after the same shot and of course the kids love touching them to see if they are cold, wet or icy!

There are of course plenty of classical angel sculptures.

And some quirky ones like the penguin above!

Just lovely and quite magical and even more so at dusk with the lights.

Ok, onto more important things for those who have entered the blog glove giveaway. I entered your names into a bag.

Then my mystery helper drew the winner..... drum roll.

Tah da! It's Green Rabbit, well done Vivenne, it must be the luck of the Irish as V won last year. I still have your address from the bunny I bought recently so I will parcel the cat gloves off and send them in your direction next week. It will be interesting to see what your cat family make of them!

I have just finished almond pasting & icing some mini Christmas cakes I made last week for some festive hampers I'm doing. I have one for myself to try as it's a new recipe I've tried this year so really interested to see how they taste.


Crafty in the Med said...

Congratulations to green rabbit!

Love those mini Christmas cakes a shame to eat!

keep well

Amanda :-)

Anonymous said...

Woohooo!!! I'm thrilled as I really, really love the prize, can't wait!!! :)Thanks ever so much Sally!
Those ice sculptures are brilliant I love the penguin!
Loving those little cakes too, they look amazing!
Thanks again Sally and thanks also to the mystery helper for picking out my name. :)
Have a great Sunday,
V xxx

Louise said...

Those little cakes are delightful.

Anne said...

Well done to Vivienne!
Your cakes look amazing! We havent even got a cake this year and I certainly wont have time to make one now! Hopefully might manage to make a few mince pies.

patty said...

Hi V, well done, hopefully I'll get the gloves posted mid-week so it might be a post-Christmas arrival.

Thanks all for the nice comments about the cakes, lets hope the taste matches the look!