Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Wooden disc brooches

This was a quick project that was quite nice and simple to do. Not terribly original as I've seen similar things done where you stitch onto wood and ceramics through little drilled holes but it is quite satisfying.

I bought the wooden discs in a pack of 22 from Hobbycraft (about £3) and I set about drilling the holes with my Dremel and it went through surprisingly easily, even allowing me to get quite near the edge.

I started off with simple holes around the edge and I then progressed in join the dot style to flower shapes.

It's great once you get your embroidery silk threaded through and the flower emerges.
I also stitched beads for the centres and glued on felt leaves before glueing a pin on the back. 

I'm going to be quite busy for a while but I'm planning a festive giveaway once December arrives and it may include one of these brooches, more details end of month.

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greenrabbitdesigns said...

They're lovely Sally and something I've not seen done before!
Hope you have a successful trip! :)
V xxx