Thursday, 15 November 2012

New on Spoonflower & free shipping day

At 5pm GMT today Spoonflower are offering free shipping for 24hrs on all their fabric. That even includes international shipping which is great news for us here and it's a great way to try out a swatch which I believe is 8 inch sq for $5 as you can make some lovely little things with that size.
I intend to order some festive fabric and some of my camping fabric as I've just uploaded a new version in pink with a smaller pattern repeat.

Other Spoonflower news: I'm entering the design contest which goes live this evening. This is quite an exciting contest because it is in conjunction with Mollie Makes magazine and I think the winning fabric will be featured in a future issue.
The subject was Flight of Fancy and this was one of those competitions where you had a limited colour palette which was pre-decided. It was an odd and difficult selection of colours to work with, lemony yellow, apple green, grey & light teal which you could add black or white to.

After starting out doing a bird related design which I couldn't get to work or rather I felt it wasn't very interesting, I then changed to good old butterflies. 
I coloured some vintage butterflies in the specified palette and these I scattered over some music note paper. I also had some other designs I'd worked on in the past but not done anything with them called Flower Faces and I scattered a few of those around too. This is the result, the yellow version is in the contest, I quite liked the teal version but thought it might be a bit dark to show the details.

 Here are the Flower Faces which are in the design, I think they might surface again at some point for another design.

This was the bird design I abandoned.

And lastly, this is the new pink camping fabric which will be for sale soon once I have ordered a swatch. I was also thinking of doing a fat quarter with 4 different colour portions to give a bit of flexibility for small projects but I'm not sure I've settled on these four colours yet or whether one needs to be a bright green!

Spoonflower also do wallpaper now and wall decals.


Anonymous said...

I love the new colours Sally, some of my favourites!!! The new designs look great. :)
V x

patty said...

Thank you V. x