Friday, 22 January 2010

Brooches finally done for USA

Earlier this week I finally finished Carol's order for the brooches and the can wraps to take on her travels, I just hope she can get them in her case!
The brooches were a real mish mash of styles and even included my first attempt with some of the Harris tweed scraps kindly donated last week and also the can wrap shown here has some tweed on.

A friend has asked if I would like to submit some bits n pieces for the valentine selling exhibition Gallery 49 in Brid are having so I am trying my best to get some more brooches done as they need to be there as soon as poss. Proper work has continued to pile in at the rate of 1 new job a day the last fortnight so I'm working anyway at the weekend and maybe there will be chance to do a few craft things for the gallery.


shortlegs the sheep said...

Love your brooches, you can felt the harris tweed and then you wouldn't have to sew around the edge - quicker for you to make! Have had a really busy week since I last saw you! Thank you so much for the goody bag - lovely! Move completes on Tuesday.

patty said...

Yes I'm definitely going to try your felting technique and save myself a bit of work stitching.
It's like having a lucky bag with all the tweed, I keep finding new and wonderful colour combinations.
Happy Moving!