Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Knitting squares

I don't have many knitting skills and squares in plain stitches are pretty much the extent of my talent but they are useful for the blanket I've been making over the past few years.
I haven't been shown any knitting on the textile course yet so I really don't know when or if I'll get to see some new stitches so I tried a new line of attack. To try and jazz up my squares I bought some of that self patterning wool and have been giving that a try which is fun to see the pattern emerge.

I also got a little book in a sale which is quite basic and I am happy to reveal a square in progress where I have learnt a new stitch. Yes amazing as it is I have followed some instructions, not always easy for an impatient type like myself but this is basket-weave stitch and I'm quite pleased with the result.

Found these needle cases in the Dunelm sale, the strawberry fabric is similar to a Cath Kidston one but at a fraction of the price, this case was just £1.99.

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shortlegs the sheep said...

Have got some bags of harris tweed scraps for you - they are scraps - will be okay for brooches and small crafty things - they are mainly the trimmings from garment manufacture, interesting and of course 100% wool, good for your textile work.
Your knitting looks good!
Am here on Saturday if you want to collect - you'll have to excuse all the boxes and mess but you are welcome - let me know for address etc;