Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Brooches going to the US

My friend from the straw bale cottage is going to San Francisco (lucky lady) towards the end of Jan on one of her globe trotting, straw building missions. From what I gather about these trips it is customary to take gifts to the organisers so she has put an order in for some of my brooches and some other bits n bobs. The brooches will be a mixed selection of the recycled variety which seems in keeping with the ethos of eco building.

Here are some new ones I'm working on and a couple of tartan flowers for someone who made enquiries via ebay.


shortlegs the sheep said...

If you could use some tweed scraps I have loads. We are on the move again this time over toward Holmfirth. Let me know and I am having a biggish sort out again!

patty said...

Hi Leda
Oh I say, tweed would be lovely, scraps are ideal for the bits n bobs I make so yes please. If you give me a shout when the weather has cleared or when you need the scraps out of your way for packing then I'll happily call to collect.
I know friends of friends who live in Hebden Bridge, Todmorden area not too far from Holmfirth and it sounds a pretty happening area for crafts and groovy things so could be an interesting move for you.

shortlegs the sheep said...

okay that sounds good, going to sort out THAT room tomorrow as like you we will be stuck, got caught in the blizzard just coming off the A63. Looking forward to going over there as you say lots of opportunities. Will be making some more bags tomorrow too as those on e bay have sold.