Sunday, 24 January 2010

Textile course - fabric printing

Last Monday we started some very simple fabric printing using some pre-formed designs on plastic tiles. These were inked up by roller with acrylic paint with fixer added and finally ironed to set permanent.
The idea was to experiment with different cloths, plain, patterned, overlapping colours etc.
We also had a go with some stuff like memory foam which you soften with a heat gun and then 'push' into the surface your design. Had mixed results with this, it was a bit like potato printing and not quite as good as the label on the box suggested.

Here are some of my samples.

Hopefully we are going to progress to doing our own designs which we may be outputting from a computer onto fabric.


Lynnda said...

not popped over for a while
all looks good, if you want to try with some stamps let me know


patty said...

Hi Lynnda
Nice to hear from you. I think I probably need to talk to you about whether there's some stamp pads that have fabric ink because I've got a few stamps in my collection and not got suitable ink to use them on fabric.
Hopefully will catch up soon. x