Friday, 8 January 2010

Snow blizzard hits Driffield!

The weather has got progressively worse this afternoon. Had a few flurries earlier but it's turned into quite a snow blizzard now and outside there is more snow than before Christmas. I was trying to capture the huge flakes just falling as I type but you can't see the drama on this photo unfortunately.

I have just noticed a bunny trying to take shelter at the side of the hedge, bet he hasn't seen any grass for days! I was also watching a pheasant trying to walk in it but the snow was up to his waist if pheasants have waists. Why doesn't he fly to wherever he's trying to get to!

I think it's going to be a weekend sewing and continuing with work as I'm house bound with the weather. There's plenty of design work to do, it's so cold though it's difficult to be creative.
Oh well, time for coffee and a few christmas chocolates.

Coffee over and I'm adding a couple of pics taken 45 mins after first pic to show level of snow increasing. Got these just before dark hence the bluey look and no fiddling on photoshop, wonder how deep it will be in the morning!!!

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