Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy New Year!

A very happy new year to anyone reading this and lets hope 2010 is a great year for finding happiness and achieving new levels of creativity.

I've been fairly dormant over the festive period, staying in and trying to keep warm but that fails miserably when you can't get any room over 17 degrees with the heating on constantly. When you are continually cold and inactive it's very difficult to muster up the energy to go outside. I used to love going for crisp winter walks when you know you can return to a warm house but when you know it's only a few degrees warmer inside you lose any desire to go out into the cold only to return to cold.
I think I'm sounding like a cracked record with this constant moaning about cold but I'm counting the days to Spring!

Anyway as this is the last day of the holidays I forced myself to look lively and go for a bracing walk around Scarborough with the reward of a coffee in Roasters and a magazine at WHS.
Goodness me it was cold and there was quite a flurry of snow whilst in the town. I had never noticed the 'Tardis' before down on the seafront so I had to get a snap.
Roasters had some rather nice artwork on display upstairs although the choice of speciality coffees was limited due to monsoons affecting some of the coffee bean harvest.
I'm getting quite interested in speciality coffee and one of my christmas pressies was a coffee grinder. I think I can finally say goodbye to instant coffee now and concentrate on grinding my own. Also found some great videos on the internet showing 'coffee or latte art' with the most amazing designs being swirled on top of your frothy bit. It seems you can go on courses to do this art and I have to say I quite fancy having a go and they do it not too far away in Sheffield.
Anyway, dreams of having a coffee shop will have to wait for now as it's back to normal tomorrow with a bang as there is much work in the studio and the textile course restarts.


Blossom said...

Happy New Year to you too! You have my sympathies and complete understanding about being miserable in the cold indoors. Our boiler has temperamental times - usually when it's really cold - when it stops working. Not very helpful and definitely not cheering. I find wearing a scarf indoors can do wonders, and sometimes even a hat. When all else fails, one of the dogs has to volunteer as a heater - but you might have to substitute a hot-water bottle instead. Roll on Spring!

shortlegs the sheep said...

You are brave - Scarborough, although we are aiming to go to Hornsea early this week depends on the lane, looks like we are stuck again. Understand about the cold and have bought thermals! You'll be much warmer on Skye when you get there!

patty said...

Hi folks, glad I'm not alone suffering in the cold! I think I've nearly bought out vest and long john supplies in Boyes, if it wasn't for these extra layers I don't think I'd be able to function at all!
I'm with Blossom on the indoor scarf wearing too, haven't got to the hat stage but have taken to fingerless gloves.