Wednesday, 27 January 2010

It's my Blogiversary!!!

How time flies, 365 days to be precise as today is my blogiversary. I wasn't sure myself if I'd keep at it but it's so much more fun than writing a diary. I went through phases in childhood of religiously writing a diary everyday which usually consisted of boring school stuff and then spare time playing in the garden with our cats, the cats were my best friends. I spent hours with those cats and still remember all their personalities so hello to my dear long gone friends, Twinkle, Waggy, Smokie, Schubert, Sylvester, Windthrope, Sambo and dearest Wobbly. I guess you are all sat on your little fluffy cat clouds looking down on me.

To mark this notable day I have made some very quick cornflake cakes to go with elevenses. I've added a bit of goodness in the form of sunflower seeds & raisins!


Blossom said...

Congratulations! Happy Blogiversary!
May I say what an interesting year it's been and how much I have enjoyed your blogs. It's been fascinating watching your development/progression along the textile path - I'm missing examples of your graphic works though. More please! (although when you have time to fit them in, who knows?) Have enjoyed accompanying you on your travels - after the fact - and look forward to another year of more, more, MORE!
Thank you.

PS Tried to send a comment much earlier in the day but managed to get myself stuck in the machinations of actually getting the comment accepted, or not, as proved to be the case.

patty said...

Thank you dear friend, you have stuck with me through thick & thin postings. Would've put more musings up yesterday but what with workload and eagerly awaiting Apples new announcement day soon turned into night.
Also trying to get a batch of stuff ready for Gallery 49 tomorrow.
Hope all is tickety boo with you, take care.

shortlegs the sheep said...

hi! happy blogiversary, love your valentine's offerings and the flapjacky stuff looks delish! Will you be getting an ipad? Have to say I am tempted but not to good with touch screens but I suppose I could practise! I love my macbook though so will take a bit of prising away! Hope you have lots of sales - I am dying to get on with curtains and blinds but still unpacking - quart into a pint pot! take care!

patty said...

Hi there,
Snap!... we've both got a macbook, great aren't they. I'd be interested in an iPad although realistically it would be an expensive play thing and I'm not great with touch screens and scratchy nails, plus I like 'real' books too much.
Packing / unpacking is so tiring and never ending, keep in sight that day you are relaxing infront of your sewing machine again making those lovely curtains! Good luck.