Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Eve

How come it's Christmas Eve again, I suppose I should know by now it seems to occur regularly every 364 days but it just sneaks up on you and especially when you are not prepared. I have just finished some logo work, haven't had any time for baking other than these veggie spring rolls which I knocked up yesterday to freeze for boxing day. They are gingery and garlicky and I will make up a fresh dipping sauce of coconut cream, green chilli, lemon grass, lime juice, ginger & garlic and this makes one of my favourite festive nibbles.
Haven't made any sweet things because I usually do baking and then do a bit extra for friends pressies but I haven't been able to see any friends pre-Christmas due to the weather and car not working, so hence no baking, yet. 

I haven't bothered to get my little tree out this year, I think I'm generally too cold and un-festive feeling to consider the effort of rumaging in a cold room full of boxes to find a few trimmings when there are more important things like just trying to keep warm and fed. I have made a little window display with some decorations a friend gave me the other year and this is about as festive as it gets here.

That said the little robin has been visiting regularly for snacks, he or she is featured on my Christmas card textile artwork this year. And even more exciting and looking festive in the snow, a fox has visited this morning and I captured him trotting past.

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