Monday, 13 December 2010

Seeking solace in a jammy dodger!

I've just had a nasty little car related incident whilst going for supplies in Driffield. I was half way through my errands when I decided to go and get the car so that I could buy a snow shovel or garden shovel and pop it straight in. Pulled up near Wilkinsons and couldn't get out of the car, the alarm had decided to play up, the doors were stuck in the locked position and I couldn't release the button to get out. Suddenly I was trapped and panic set in, I started pulling and grabbing at the door handles and lock buttons but I couldn't shift anything. Tried starting her up again to see if it would release the settings but no, I was well and truly a prisoner in my own car!

All I could do was drive home and contemplate how I was going to crawl out of an open car window which seemed unlikely as I'm hardly the most flexible person.
When I got back there was good and bad news, I managed to release the lock button on the passenger door so I only had to slide across the seats. The bad news is the driver side is stuck.
So, I am consoling myself with tea and jammy dodgers, ok not proper jammies, copycat Sainsburys ones but they'll do! Do you like my groovy, 70's saucers I got from a charity shop recently.

Other good news today, the oil has been delivered although the tanker got stuck in the ice when he was leaving and the coffee grinder is here, yippee!

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