Wednesday, 8 December 2010

First latte art at home

The new espresso machine saw its first use last night. There was a fair bit of experimenting but that is mainly to do with the coarseness of the grind which effects the extraction time and taste. As the new grinder has not appeared yet, the rather unsophisticated Krupps grinder I have is making it difficult to get a good tasting result. The notch settings on the grinder between fine and coarse are very basic and make it tricky if you want a setting between 2 notches. I think until the new Mazzer grinder appears it will be a bit hit and miss.

However the machine was working beautiful and steaming milk nicely and after about half a dozen tests I made a successful cappuccino with a little heart on top (not central), it tasted very well balanced too considering!
Not sure which shows my heart best so have posted flashed & unflashed picture.

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