Tuesday, 7 December 2010

It's officially 'freezing' inside the house!

Today saw the inside porch reach the lowest I've seen with the thermometer showing -1 degree.  The lounge is only making about 8 degrees and possibly up to 11 when the radiators are on. What was the warmest area in the house, kitchen / dining and having the clapped out old aga is usually about 18 degrees on a good day but now it's a shivvering 14. I have no idea what temperature the main bathroom is as the radiator is virtually non existent and the top 3 photos are the ice patterns formed inside the bathroom windows this morning. Nice patterns but you wouldn't think I'd have to live in these conditions in 2010, it's worse than when I was a student! I have 2 vests on today and 2 jumpers, thermal long johns and fleecy lined, almost ski trousers, and for the first time I've put 2 pairs of socks on. I feel so bulked out with layers that I can hardly move through doorways!

I could do with ordering some heating oil so that the radiators could be on a bit during the day but I'm trying to make it last as the lanes and driveway to the house are still so bad with snow that an oil tanker is going to struggle to even get down here. Fingers crossed it doesn't run out and if you realise I haven't written a blog post for a couple of weeks it might be worth calling emergency services incase I've frozen to death!

The bottom 2 pics are reflections on the car windows with ice particles.

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