Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Training with Limini Coffee

It finally happened yesterday, braved the sub-zero temperatures & went for barista training at Limini Coffee and also collected a bright red La Spaziale espresso machine. Youri & Howard did the training on the actual machine which was great to get to grips with your own piece of kit.

It's a wonderful machine and we were more or less pulling good shots from the start. Youri showed the different taste results you get by going through the range of temperatures.
It was then the milk steaming and the latte art. This is going to take some practise but I'm sure it will come and after all that is the icing on the cake. I now have the ability to make great tasting coffee at home, or at least I should have when the new grinder finally gets delivered. 

It was a fab day being trained by such passionate coffee heads!



Anonymous said...

Great pictures!

I am glad you got home safe, machine looks good. Don't forget to let me know how you get on okay.

Thanks again and enjoy it!


patty said...

Thanks Youri,
had the first experiments with the machine last night and got a good result in the end, even managed a little latte heart on top.
Once the Mazzer arrives grinding will be a pleasure!