Saturday, 30 June 2012

Bob the Bunny at Blue Sky Cafe, Bangor

When on our travels we always try to seek out veggie cafes, or if thin on the ground somewhere a bit quirky or wholefoodie.
We found just the place in Bangor, not totally veggie but certainly a veggie friendly choice of lovely, locally sourced food.

First off, this very tasty and tangy, citrussy type pink lemonade with pink grapefruit, the fizz got right up  Bob's whiskers!

Lunch, and here we have a sandwich of Welsh mature cheddar, with homemade chutney and a nice fruity salad, very yummy.

The Blue Sky is definitely worth looking up if you find yourself in Bangor and rather peckish. The cakes and bakes looked fabulous but I was quite full after the sandwich and so I had to pass up on pudding!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Isn't it great when you find somewhere that just doesn't have one veggie option!! It's usually pasta bake, now I love pasta but we veggies do eat other things!!
Your lunch looked delicious and the pink lemonade looked wonderful, I love pink grapefruit. :)
Enjoy your weekend Sally,
V xxxxxxx

Anne said...

Looks like you and Bob have had a great welsh adventure!!

patty said...

We had a lovely adventure thanks.
V, I know what you mean about the pasta bake option so it's always a delight to find more than one thing we can eat.