Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Sewing Needle Case - mixed media

This week I made the rubber stamped, embroidered bird into a needle case as a birthday pressie for a friend.
Here was the start of the project, rubber stamped and then starting to fill the design in with embroidery floss.

The plan was to make the needle case look like a little book so I choose some interesting fabric for the back and then I did a spine which is also a rubber stamped ruler design. Stitched all 3 elements together.

I used a floral fabric for the inside and I stiffened the book by lining it with some pelmet fabric.
The layers were stitched together and I sandwiched a ribbon at each end to tie it closed once it's done.

I then added some felt 'pages' stitched down the spine for attaching the pins & needles to.
I also added a little inside pocket using some groovy vintage decorative ribbon and this can hold a needle threader.

That's it virtually done, I finished it off with a bit more embellishing on the front and voila, a mixed media needle case.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Lovely. :) I'm sure your friend was/will be delighted with it. I have to admire your stamping, mine never turns out great when I stamp on fabric. The ruler is especially good!!
V x

patty said...

Thanks V, I'm always experimenting with different stamp pad inks, some are a bit rubbish, I think I used the StazOn for this.

Louise said...

Very clever. Ive never thought of using rubber stamps before.