Saturday, 16 June 2012

Seaside street furniture

I found myself killing time in Bridlington the other day as I was waiting for a repair to be done on my car. As I was just wandering with nothing much to do I made the most of the few minutes of sunshine with a stroll along the front to take some photos.

After this shot of the harbour I thought I'd go for some fun pictures, it's turning out to be such a cold miserable summer that I decided to seek out the quirky things of the British seaside. Thought this was intriguing, 'what lies through the nougat door'?

As you can see I've been having fun with filters too. Trying to make a somewhat ordinary seaside image at Brid a bit more interesting.

I soon spotted those fabulous bits of street furniture, the big plastic ice creams, donuts and hot dogs, brace yourselves.....!

Above was a cute donut and below was one which I thought looked a scary!

The bar above reminded me of that wonderful Jam song Going Underground.

That's it, a chilly summer day at the seaside!


lavender attic said...

Aw, lovely Brid, one of my favourite places...though 2nd Mr Donut looks like an extra off Doctor Who! Lovely pictures
X Sally

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Brilliant photos Sally!
I think I would like to look behind the nougat door! :)
V x