Thursday, 28 June 2012

A stroll around Llandudno

I had 4 days in Wales last week and the best of the weather in those 4 days was the afternoon of the day of arrival. So what better place to head for than the seaside and lovely Llandudno. 
I've only been once before as a small child and I didn't remember it.
I took Bob of course!

There are some wooden sculptures around the town of Alice in Wonderland characters, I only managed to get the Mad Hatter, I saw the White Rabbit but forgot to go back and take Bob's picture next to his hero!

Lovely old ice cream coloured buildings along the seafront.
Below is looking towards The Great Orme.

Next we walked along the pier and saw all those wonderful things you only see at the British seaside.

Bob spotted some shell bunnies, I can't believe the little huts still sell all those fabulously tacky shell souvenirs!

As you can see from above, most of them are not even made in Llandudno!
Do you remember these jelly, glitter sandal things?!!

Just a few final shots from the pier

We end our stroll with a trip to the very nice Victorian loos on the pier! Very clean with pretty tiles and stained glass windows.
Thank you for coming along with me!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

It's been quite a few years since I was in Llandudno, my children were very small.
I remember how Victorian it was, jelly fish on the beach and how much we enjoyed our holiday there.
Thanks for jogging my memory Sally. :)
V xxxxxxxx

patty said...

V, I didn't see any jelly fish, just the jelly sandals!
I bet it's pretty much the same as when you last went, nice place.