Saturday, 9 June 2012

A wet trip to York

This felt like the first free weekend in ages and I really wanted to go to York as I'd bought a watch a few weeks back and it needed returning as it seems to be losing time quite erratically. 

Saw some good cloud formations on the trip there, difficult to capture in a moving car, they actually looked more dramatic than this.

I got the watch sorted and then went for a quick coffee and cake in Spring Espresso. Bob didn't come out today as it's wet and he's knitted so I just had a little friend of his, Snowy, in my bag. Snowy is admiring a most delicious slice of Dark Chocolate Earl Grey cake.

There were some torrential showers today and I darted between shops and picked up this groovy apple scarf in H&M.

And then these lovely fat quarters. I wanted some neutralish fabrics for doing some more rubber stamping and embroidery.

I have finished embroidering the bird but not turned it into anything yet.

I've also been trying some new rubber stamps on fabric to do mixed media stuff with.

It is so wet, miserable and dark that I don't feel like doing anything much, maybe tomorrow will be better !


greenrabbitdesigns said...

What a shame Bob couldn't make the trip, I know how much he loves his coffee and cake. ;)
I love your new fabrics, looking forward to seeing what they become.
Your embroidered bird is lovely.
No rain here today but it remained quite dull, they say tomorrow will be sunny, I do hope 'they' are right!!
V xxxxxxxxxxxx

lavender attic said...

Isn't it awful weather? Glad you had a nice day in York though - cake looks yummy! Thanks for your comment about the caravan trip - I was a bit deflated when I got back but all the lovely comments cheered me up! We will have to meet up some time soon, maybe in the Summer hols for tea and cake at Me and Mrs Fisher
X Sally

patty said...

Vivienne, you know Bob too well with his coffee & cakes! Oh I do hope the weather is better tomorrow as I can't get motivated, I just want it to be dry, I'd be quite happy if the sun doesn't show just as long as the rain stops.
Sally I'm starting to give up on summer but if it starts picking up again then yes it would be lovely to go to Me & Mrs Fisher. I don't think I've worn a skirt yet this year, that's bad as it's June and less than 2 weeks to mid-summer! What a wet start to your caravanning adventures!

mags said...

Your purchases in York are great. I particularly love the postmark and script stamps think you will get loads of use from them!