Monday, 8 June 2009

Art in the garden - NGS

Yesterday was my day residency at one of the open gardens as part of the NGS.
The weather forecast the day before had been quite clear that it was going to rain and generally be unpleasant for June. With that I mind I packed the car with stuff for all possibilities. Took paints, pencils, laptop, camera, waterproofs etc and set off for Hunmanby which is home to the Wold Top Brewery.

It was certainly windy up there on the Wold top but didn't see a drop of rain all day and it was one of those occasions where I was pleased they got the forecast wrong.
The gardens were delightful, plenty of nooks & crannies, tranquil areas with water features, lovely wild flowers & poppies, infact so many inspiring things I was spoilt for choice.

I took plenty of photos and started the day with a digital illustration which I continued until the laptop battery ran down. Then moved on to aqua pencils for a few sketches. The public were quite interested in what we were doing (there were 3 ERA members), I sold quite a few cards I had with me, the brewery shifted quite a bit of beer so all in all it was a successful day. Pretty exhausting too!

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