Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Growing flowers, other than a few poppies & wild flowers I'm partial to is something of a pointless exercise, I much prefer to channel my energies into growing food but that isn't possible in a rented cottage.

However a few months ago I did stick some pansies in a tub to cheer the place up and they are at their best right now and even smell good too. I fear the changeable weather at the weekend might batter them so I have picked a few to press.

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shortlegs the sheep said...

Hi Patty, Plant in pots - then when you move you can take them with you. I have grown spuds in 'barrels'along with carrots and onions. Herbs can poke in a window box - have also grown courgette in a window box and trailing tomatoes in a hanging basket.
It would be nice to meet you before you flit off to Skye (I have to ask why?) Leda aka shortlegs the sheep