Saturday, 13 June 2009

Ice cream in Scarborough

I had hoped to get my first garment cut out and stitched up at the sewing class this morning but we ended up running out of time, so next week we all start our stitching.

I've been fancying a trip to the 50's ice cream parlour (The Harbour Bar or Alonzis) in Scarborough so a nice sunny day like today seemed a good idea. However given that it would be busy the trip was planned for late afternoon an hour before closing and I think I timed it well.
Hadn't been in there since probably the early 70's and it was just the same, lots of yellow & red formica and mirrors, jelly & ice-cream shake signs, a real nostalgia trip.

I had a chocolate sundae and some fizzy water to wash it down with. I think the ice-cream was the squirty machine stuff (not quite my thing), but the homemade chocolate sauce was nice and it was a fun seasidey thing to do.

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