Friday, 19 June 2009

My last ceramics class in York

That was more or less the end of the line for me with ceramics at York College last night. I was sad to be leaving, I've met some lovely people over the years and been able to progress my work under the guidance of our 'mad as a a box of frogs' teacher Catherine. (see Catherines groovy pots on her website.)

We had our leaving party then had a look at some of the students work in the gallery upstairs which is what the photos show, I really like the glass wall hanging.

I collected my last few pieces, the photo with a couple of figures in.
I also decided to glaze one final piece as we should be able to go back during the daytime next week to collect any last work before they close for summer.

I need to investigate whether there are any classes starting nearer to home next term.

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