Friday, 5 June 2009

Hornsea pot has appeared!

Last night at pottery I was all set to stick up my 'disappearing pot' poster when I noticed it had miraculously appeared on the finished display shelf. What a relief, I won't know where it's been but I have it at last, not brilliant & a bit patchy but when I use it for the intended purpose (it's a ceramic candle cube) I will have fond memories of the pottery class.

Also out of the kiln was a cat which I made years ago in Beverley and never got to glaze him so he is finally finished.

Only 2 classes left and we have finished 'making' and are doing final glazes.

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shortlegs the sheep said...

that looks fun, I had intended to be a potter in the family biz, they made the terracotta chicken bricks for habitat in the 60's but nursed instead and then lawyered.
Not too keen on Wolds Cottage, I find it a bit 'jumble saley' in there and big commission. Will look at the Brid festival though. If you go to Wolds cottage could meet you for a brew or you can come here - 07795571176.
We still have the house and another on Harris that we let, we are keeping a base there as I will be going back briefly in August. Lots of reasons for moving back to the mainland - I had become very allergic to the midge and was having high doses of antihistamine daily. Also finding the logistics of remote island life difficult so I think it will be 3 months of inspiration there 9 months knitting and crafting here!