Sunday, 28 June 2009

Ikea fabric

Had an unexpected trip to Ikea today due to another errand in that neck of the woods, don't normally go daytime on a weekend with it being a place for family outings and a bit frantic at the best of times. It was a sale too so really busy, however I did manage a good rummage in the fabric section and came away with these nice striped remnants and also the slightly more groovy patterned fabric. As I often find at Ikea, the fabric on display that you really want has usually all gone and I couldn't find some lovely fabric with birds on which I wanted.

Also found this fab cake tin in a Dala horse shape. I love the Swedish Dala horse image, it comes in many colours and patterns and here is the traditional red colour. I'm sure I'll have great fun when I get round to making the cake and decorating it.

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