Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter baking, better late than never!!

I was too busy with the art exhibition to get my baking done before Easter so the first opportunity to produce some nice food was today. I feel like I've been baking and preparing all day, well I have been at it most of the day so I'm looking forward to a veritable feast shortly!

Actually, I made the brownies yesterday as we'd had a delivery of coffee beans so they were essential to go with a latte! The brownie recipe was the ultimate brownies from the Womans Hour show, I swapped the rice flour for ground almonds and they are equally delicious. Here's the link:

The other photos as we go down are:

Black olive & tomato tart

Veggie spring rolls and there's dip I made to go with them (not shown, in fridge!) which is coconut cream with ginger, garlic, lime, chilli & soy sauce. It's fab, they are a bit of a faff to do so I reserve my spring rolls and dip for the likes of Christmas & Easter which makes them feel special.

Courgette cake with lemon cheese frosting (bit runny in heat!)

Mini baked lemon cheesecakes, decorated with choccies my sis brought over from Lorettes chocolatier in Brussels.
Time to go eat I think!!!

Happy Easter all.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yum, that all looks so delicious!!! :)
Enjoy your feasting and happy Easter!
Vivienne x