Sunday, 24 April 2011

Scarborough, high tide, scooters, gardens

Had an early morning run to Scarborough yesterday to avoid the crowds of day trippers. It was quite an interesting visit because the tide was in and extremely high, must've been one of the spring high tides. I always find it mesmerising just watching the waves roll in.

The wave watching was down at the quiet & tranquil southern end of Scarborough. The walk into town along the front soon started to get noisy as a vintage scooter rally was on this weekend. Lots of Vespas & Lambrettas, fish tail parkers, ageing Mods all having great fun gathering down by the beach. Saw some fab  coloured scooters, two tone, chrome and mirrors glistening. Classic seaside bank holiday event!

Finally peace was restored again with a stroll back through the Italian gardens which I had not discovered before. The only sound was bird song.... lovely!

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