Sunday, 10 April 2011

Hornsea Pottery AGM 2011

Today was the Hornsea Pottery Research & Collectors AGM and spring meeting in Hornsea.
This year there didn't seem to be as many stalls selling collectables and what was there wasn't the type of stuff to add to my collection. However I did buy these 2 egg cups for £1.

Again, not much of interest in the auction but the one thing I was interested in (and successfully bid for) was this collection of leaflets and promotional material. As an avid leaflet collector, a designer interested in typography and a Hornsea collector, these were right up my street. New projects and ideas may come from these bits of paper.

After the meeting we get to visit the museum free of charge so I headed across for yet another visit as the pottery collection is so inspiring. Plus, the promotional material I had bid for was donated by the museum and Dr. Walker of the museum kindly gave me some extra leaflets to add to my collection. I also saw behind the scenes and wow it's like an aladdins cave of Hornsea pots, moulds, samples, glazes etc.
I gather the museum is hoping to get involved with a future project involving the railway station so I have offered my services if they need any promotional railway style posters or literature for the funding bid.

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