Wednesday, 27 April 2011

New Hornsea pots for my collection

Met an old work colleague for lunch yesterday and had a nice few hours shopping & catching up as we didn't get to meet at Christmas what with the weather putting stop to it.

Anyway I had a lucky find in one of the charity shops in Beverley and scooped up these Hornsea cups & saucers from the Concept range in dove grey & cream. There were just 3 cups and 4 saucers but in immaculate condition and Concept is something new for my collection.
Concept was produced from 1977 - 1991 and was designed to succeed Contrast. It used the same vitrified technique as the Contrast pots to give it that highly polished look which the glaze alone does not capture.
Concept was so successful that it won many design awards and was in huge demand around the world during the 80's.

It is still relatively easy to find and now I just need to find a single cup to complete this set.
Should look really nice if I can do a coffee and some latte art in the cup!

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