Sunday, 17 April 2011

Folksy shop ready to launch soon

It's been a busy day. Started off by going to an open day at my friends stamping & crafting studio in Bishop Burton where I bought a couple of new stamps and some very good value glue tape dispensers.

Was home for lunch and have spent most of the afternoon finishing the design for the banner which will be the new corporate image for my Folksy shop.
Took ages writing a description only to find I'd written too much and I spent equally long trying to edit it.
Anyway it's done, the shop is created and all will be revealed soon when I'm ready to stock the shop with my first few items.

Here are a couple of sneak preview images of my new identity, wonder if anyone can guess the shop's name?!

Now all I need to do is familiarise myself with how Twitter works as I've not really had any interest in it thus far as I find nothing more boring than people tweeting what they've had for tea or I'm on a train going to sew n sew! I do however think it is useful for small businesses to notify followers of new stock, forthcoming events etc. So, just need to get a Twitter account to run alongside the Folksy shop.

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greenrabbitdesigns said...

Good luck with the new shop! :)
Vivienne x