Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Hornsea Pottery fabric purse

Just recording a 'make' which is no longer in my possession as it was a one off.

I had some fabric printed with my version of the classic Hornsea Heirloom design and I made this little pouch purse. In keeping with the 60's theme of the Heirloom pots I lined the purse in some vintage 60's barkcloth in groovy brown & orange.

The purse was my donation for a raffle prize at the Hornsea Pottery AGM the other day. I thought it might draw a bit of interest as 1. you never get any hand made gifts donated and 2. people usually bring boring things like wine & boxes of sweets & biscuits. 
It surprised me that no one seemed a bit interested in it. It was one of the raffles were each time a ticket is drawn you go up to the prize table and choose anything and embarrassingly my little purse was the very last thing to be taken. I think people were only interested in the food & drink as I saw a few turned up noses looking at the purse as if to say 'what's that'!

It kind of tells me not to bother going to such effort another time.

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