Wednesday, 18 May 2011

2 good magazines

I like to buy the odd craft magazine, although not half as many as I used to do since Borders closed in York, it had a great choice of American craft & food mags.  The problem I find with  a lot of the magazines is that most of the projects are regurgitated from books I already have or from internet sites. However in the last fortnight I've bought 2 magazines which have been well worth the money, with new and interesting ideas to try.

The first is Mollie Makes and I was first drawn to it with the apple cosies on the front. I'd seen some on a  blog but I haven't stumbled across the pattern yet so I thought I might invest. There are lots of lovely things to make and I've already tried the apple cosy but I used the wrong size hook! so my apple cosy is more like a grapefruit size as you can see.
The other thing I've tried are the linen eggs and I've filled them with lavender as I wanted them to have some use rather than just dust gatherers.

The second good read is Making magazine. The good thing about this magazine is they theme each months issue so you can be selective and this issue was the paper issue. I love folding, tearing and mixing things up so there are interesting things like paper bangles, folk art paper cuts, and mixed media frames.

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