Monday, 23 May 2011

Art in the garden - Jacksons Wold

Yesterday I did my AIG stint up at Jacksons Wold. I packed a sketch pad and camera and rather optimistically my sewing box and lots of fabric and bits of stuff. I thought the weather was going to be fine after the dull start, or at least I believed the previous nights weather report of it brightening up!

The lesson again is not to believe the weather reports because 2 minutes before arriving at the garden the rain came down and bang went my ideas for getting my fabric out. I waited in the car for about 10 mins before the gardens opened and it faired up but was virtually a re-run of my visit to Hunmanby Grange 2 years ago as the garden is high on the Wolds and parts are quite exposed and wind tunnels.

The photos you see are when the sun came out and of course you can't see how windy it is. I tried to display the ERA leaflets and my leaflets but they kept getting blown away. 
That said I still had a lovely afternoon, the gardens were delightful and consisted of walled gardens and woodland gardens, kitchen garden and a wildflower meadow. The house was an absolute chocolate box scene in a lovely soft apricot colour with a mauve slate roof.
I just love alliums and they had them in every shade of purple and white. 
I did some plant sketches and I did attempt to get a bit of fabric out and make a hosta leaf in fabric but looking at my photos I so loved the colours of the house that I feel I may be inspired to produce a digital artwork where at first I was set to do a textile piece. Who knows, maybe I'll do more than one piece of work!

One of the barns was operating as a tearoom so I treated myself to a slice of chocolate toffee shortbread and I also came away with half a dozen eggs laid that morning, how lovely.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

What a beautiful place, I love the colour of the house and those gardens are so pretty!
Never, ever believe the weather forecasters, I think they get some sort of sadistic pleasure outing of lying to us!!!!
Vivienne x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

That should of course say out and not outing! :)
V x

patty said...

I quite agree Vivienne. I usually take the forecasters with a pinch of salt but I fell for it as I had big outdoor plans! I think I can predict better myself from assessing the skies!