Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Buzzard over Driffield

You are going to have to take my word for this as I was unable to get any photographic evidence.
It's a bright, sunny morning and I have just been hanging my washing out, as I gazed up at the birds I saw in the distance soaring very high a familiar outline. I thought, that looks like a buzzard but it can't be and then I remembered that I have seen buzzards before in East Yorkshire near Goodmanham & South Dalton around the Dalton estate.

So I carried on watching it, I daren't rush in to get my binoculars incase it had gone when I returned, to confirm what I thought and yes it came a little nearer over the farm land and circled and I saw the tail shape, the brown and light markings under the wings and then it gradually flew higher and further away towards Driffield. 
Definitely a buzzard, I've seen plenty in Scotland & Wales to confirm we have a buzzard in the area. There's plenty for them to eat here although the downside are the farmers and gamekeepers around here who I know would shoot it at first glance.

What an exciting start to the morning.


Anonymous said...

They are the most fantastic birds. We have had a pair close to us for a few years now, it's lovely to watch them soaring with their wing tips upwards. I can sit on my sofa and see them, in fact I could see one while lying in bed this morning, he or she was quite low. Just as long as they leave the bunnies alone!
Vivienne x

patty said...

Wow, that's excellent if you have them in view of your garden. I hope I see this one again as they are thin on the ground so to speak in these parts.
Lots more new bunnies here too so I think we might not notice if the odd one is taken, although hopefully not the little gang who hang out in our garden!