Thursday, 12 May 2011

Spoonflower contest - Ice Cream

This week I've entered the Spoonflower contest which blasts off tonight with voting. The theme was to design a fat quarter with Ice Cream as your subject. 
As usual I was very last minute and I'd had the idea I wanted to do some sort of landscape with a vintage ice cream van and kids chasing after it (although I can't draw people so that put a stop to that), fluffy clouds, seaside, happy days etc.

Basically there wasn't time so I did one of my quick digital drawings of an ice cream van and then I separated the vans with little ice cream cones in between. You can't quite see the detail but the ice creams are stitched scraps of fabric making this is a mixed media fabric design.
I did a few colour backgrounds, couldn't decide which to enter but in the end opted for the pistachio background.

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Baoz said...

Can I use your pictures from this series? >< I really like them, thanks