Friday, 27 May 2011

Travel Posters & a Hornsea Jug

It's been a day of seeing vintage travel posters. You'll find some lovely examples of French travel postcards over on Green Rabbits blog and then I was in a charity shop this morning and they had a National Railway Museum poster book for sale. I looked at it knowing I have about 3 similar books so my thought of buying it to rip out certain pictures to frame seemed a bit wasteful when someone else would probably get pleasure from buying it.

There's something so nice about those old posters. I had a look through some of my modern day designs which are inspired by posters of that era and compiled a collection of my favourites done in recent years.
I was contacted last week about a commission to do that style but after initial contact they've not replied to me. Not to worry, I'm probably too busy to tackle it yet.

I didn't leave the charity shop empty handed, I couldn't resist buying this Hornsea Heirloom jug as it is in beautiful condition and was cheap and I think it will make a nice custard jug.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous colours in your jug Sally!
I love the Scarborough poster and the colours are pretty in the moonlit walled garden poster.
Good old Woolies, I still miss it, such a shame.
Have a great weekend and thanks for your lovely comments this week!
Vivienne x