Thursday, 26 May 2011

Packaging 4 - retro

I haven't done a packaging post for a while and this little tub of joy caught my eye yesterday. I found these new ice creams in Waitrose and I just love the vintage scooter on the label. I was weighing up which label and flavour I liked best as I could only afford one tub. I think the berry fruits had the brightest pink and yellow stripe scooter label but I settled for this as the most important thing has to be the contents!

Also on a retro theme, our local Lidl has upgraded and now has an instore bakery, whooo hooo! To collect your fresh bread they have the European style paper bags with those lovely screened printed 70's style illustrations. It takes me right back to caravanning as a child when we used to tour Europe and walking from the campsites into the villages to find a patisserie for your breakfast rolls.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That ice-cream does look good, inside and out!!
Ah yes getting up in the morning and heading off to the boulangerie for your fresh croissants, sure beats sitting in the house looking out at the rain!!!!
Vivienne x