Saturday, 4 June 2011

Adam Ant is in York tonight

I was in York this morning, the day that one of my all time heroes is going to be playing a comeback gig this evening and I'm not going to be there! Damn & drat!
I heard about the concert the day after the tickets went on sale and they'd all sold out very quickly and as the York gig is fairly small I didn't even find any tickets on Ebay, not that I wanted to pay some unfair and extortionate price.

I walked past the venue on the way to a shop and had a quick look to see if Mr Ant was lurking but no such luck, not even a huge poster of him for me to get a snap of, just the forthcoming gigs list!

Oh well, I was lucky enough to see Adam & the Ants back in their hey day in 1982 at the Queens Hall in Leeds and I have some great memories.

Hopefully the comeback tour will be a huge success and I'll get to catch up with him again soon.

Lovely day for cruising down the Ouse.

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