Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Black garlic update - Day 21

I meant to do this post yesterday as I'm now half way through the experiment and I'm not feeling confident about the garlic fermenting.
As I mentioned before the oven is a bit dodgy to say the least, I went and bought an oven thermometer the other day seeing as the gauge is unreadable on the Aga. I know the thing needs a service as the temperature is down but I was disappointed to find it is cooler than I thought. The compartment the garlic is in is just about 50 degrees C and the experiment requires 60 - 70 degrees so this has probably ruined it.
I may as well stick it out now but I'm wondering what will emerge, if it hasn't fermented and stayed firm, will it be a soggy goo of mush. Call back in 19 days to see!

I've since used the thermometer to check the hottest, roasting oven compartment and it is just 120 degrees C, barely above boiling so no wonder I can't cook pastry anymore! It's a bit of a struggle cooking so the diet tends to change to soups, stews, pasta and salads on the run up to a service. I can't wait to let rip in a few weeks and enjoy a jacket potato or a Quorn sausage roll, gosh I'm such a rebel!!

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha, I do enjoy a Quorn sausage roll too Sally! :)
It's going to be interesting to see what happens to the garlic.
Vivienne x