Thursday, 16 June 2011

Lemony, blueberry cakes

Been full of cold last couple of days so not felt like doing anything much and then I realised there were some blueberries about to waste away in the fridge so I rustled up one of the quick cupcake recipes in the vegan book. Lemony, blueberry cupcakes which are lovely and even better if you bother to make the lemony buttercream frosting to top them with.

I haven't used this book for a while but my favourite cupcakes are the peanut butter ones, last but one photo. And the bottom photo shows green tea cupcakes with green tea glaze and almond flowers which I think sound fab so I must make these next time I have some green tea.


Richard said...

Cupcakes look nice. What sort of coffee is in the Miffy mug, or is it tea?

patty said...

It's tea.

Anonymous said...

I love both blueberries and lemons, they do look yummy cupcakes!
I really love the mug. :)
Hope you're feeling much better soon Sally!
Vivienne x

patty said...

Ah thanks Vivienne, I'm hoping it's one of those 48hr cold thingies.