Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Morrissey at Grimsby Auditorium

Yesterday was all rather frantic. We had the chance of some Morrissey tickets to go to that evening and I'm not usually good at short notice things but as Mozza is a hero of mine I went for it.

The gig was over in Grimsby which meant a trip over the Humber Bridge. This is where the photos stopped as I didn't have a good enough view to get what I suppose would've been blurry and rubbishy shots. 
The support group were not exactly to my liking, a bit too heavy thrash metal with what can only be described as a young lad screaming into the microphone and every song sounded pretty much the same. Normally I'd say, maybe it's a sign of my old age but I didn't see many of the Morrissey crowd looking like they were enjoying the group. A strange choice to go with Mozza.

So after the ear drums got a good battering I was rather looking forward to the tuneful songs of Morrissey. First track didn't sound brilliant but I figured they were settling in, as it went on I realised the sound quality of the Grimsby Auditorium was quite poor. When I saw Mozza a couple of years ago at Brid Spa the sound was much better in there. It was a bit disappointing in a way but then in other ways Morrissey is such a legend that I feel happy to have been in his presence for an hour and a half (almost). 

The most dramatic part was when they played Meat is Murder, they ran a most shocking video in the background and the music rose to a deafening crescendo to represent the suffering of poultry and cattle in the film footage. I have to say that even as a veggie I was very moved, shocked and disturbed by it. I only hope it had some effect on making the meat eaters question the animal welfare of the products they buy. It left a strange atmosphere after this track which was last but one, and the lack of clapping made me question if some people were disgusted he thrust this upon us, but then you go to a Morrissey concert and you go and listen to someone who's got something to say.

The last track was Irish Blood, English Heart which I love & lifted spirits a bit. They came back for just one encore which was much less than when I saw him in Brid, the encore was This Charming Man and that was it, over in a flash.

The venue and sound let it down for me, not sure I felt like I'd had my moneys worth this time. 


Anonymous said...

Can't say I'm a big Morrisey fan but I have to admire him on the 'Meat is Murder' stance.
It may have been shocking but maybe there are a few more vegetarians today as a result!!
Vivienne x

patty said...

Oh yes, if one person went away to rethink what they ate I'd call that a result.