Sunday, 26 June 2011

Nice vintage fabric

Here's some nice vintage fabric. The first picture shows a couple of pieces I received in the post yesterday from Donna Flower. The polka dot flowers is a piece of vintage feedsack and the small flower print is some 1940's cotton, both lovely quality.

The other pictures were taken through an interior shop window in Driffield. This particular shop always do a lovely window display and usually feature bang on trend fabrics and wallpaper. I do wonder if they sell much as 1. the stock is expensive and 2. it's all very stylish and is Driffield quite the place for such a shop. Maybe York would be better, but then of course the rates would be huge in comparison.

Anyway the current display features designs I love, they are reproduction Festival of Britain designs from the 50's but they are soooo expensive, I think a metre of fabric is about £40 so I'll have to just admire my photos instead of purchasing any.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure we had curtains in our kitchen made with fabric like that when I was a child. My parents moved to the house I was brought up in during the fifties, so possibly. I was not around for the Festival of Britain, I hasten to add, I'm talking sixties here!!!!! :)
Vivienne x

patty said...

I bet you wish you had those curtains now! I remember some fantastic curtains we had in our house and caravan in the 60's & 70's. I wish I still had my Noddy curtains to chop up and make groovy things from!