Sunday, 26 June 2011

Summer BBQ!

I seem to have gone a bit mad with the blogging today. I think it's because of the heatwave and not liking it too hot I decided to take cover and work inside on the Mac in the afternoon. 
This warm weekend could well be summer, all rolled into 48 hrs, so I finished off the day with a quickie BBQ and got the veggie burgers and sausages out.

I have a lovely little kettle BBQ somewhere, no doubt in a storage box and unlikely to rear its head until I move house again so I got one of those disposable ones. I was surprised how quickly it took hold and it all happened in less than half an hour, including the eating! Despite those burnt looking sausages! Finished off with jacket potatoes on the embers, after all, this little BBQ is hotter than the oven at the moment!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Goodness Sally, you are in a blogging mood today!!
Good to know that little bar-be-que didn't take long, the length of time it's takes to get going is what really puts me off having a bar-be-que!
Love the strawberries and embroidery, isn't Mollie Makes just a great mag!
Vivienne x