Monday, 6 June 2011

Black garlic update - Day 6

It's nearly a week since I put the garlic in the oven and I have refrained from taking a peek. I think though that when I entered the kitchen this morning I could just smell a slight garlic cooking smell which must be it as I didn't cook with garlic yesterday to leave an odour.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sally, just catching up in blogland as I've had laptop problems which aren't fully sorted yet but at least it's allowing me access to the internet tonight (so kind of it)!!
The gadget cases are great, I'm a vanilla girl myself. :)
I loved Adam Ant, such a shame you didn't get to see him.
And the garlic is starting to cook then, looking forward to finding out the results of your experiment!
Vivienne x

patty said...

Hi Vivienne, I hope your computer is sorted soon, I thought all was a little quiet over at Green Rabbit HQ.
Oh wow, you're an Ant fan too, fabulous.

I think my fave ipad case design is the vanilla as the bunting came out well although choccy ices are my fave flavour and always with a flake in!