Tuesday, 14 June 2011

New visitor

Was just getting my breakfast this morning when I saw something brown outside, ... how exciting it was a deer on the grass opposite. I got my camera but it's tricky taking pictures from such a distance inside and especially when the windows need cleaning so I got the rubbishy pictures below and then enjoyed watching it for a few minutes as it pottered about and nibbled some roses.
It was a lovely rich, velvety, chocolate brown deer, looked quite small to me. Just before it disappeared into the bushes, mr & mrs rabbit came out for a look, they looked as surprised as me with this new visitor!


Anonymous said...

How absolutely brilliant, a deer and a pair of bunnies in the garden.
I had a tree full of starlings, bless them, I love them too, chattering away in the sunshine. :)
Vivienne x

Potshots said...

What a lovely thing to be able to see from your own home. You're very lucky.

patty said...

Hi folks, you know I don't really think of this place as home as I only rent it and I'm desperate to move on. It's ok being here in summer and nice seeing the wildlife but winter is another story, it's a blooming miserable cold and freezing house.
For now I'll enjoy looking for the deer tomorrow morning although they are quite secretive so might not spot him again.